2020 What's Next? 

2019 was without a doubt the best year of my life. I got to tour the US, perform with my one of my biggest inspirations and work with non-profits to help raise money and awareness for causes that are near and dear to my heart. I am taking a short break from touring and plan to collaborate and write with some of my favorite artists. Stay tuned for updates in the Spring! I love you all. Thank you for your constant support.

Be well!

Love ~ 

New EP ~ Human ~ Available Now 

Philadelphia-based folk singer/songwriter Andrea Nardello will be releasing her new EP Human on August 17th through Noble Steed Music. This new EP follows her 2016 release Fire, and 2014’s Echo

About the EP, Nardello says, “Life is hard. We love. We lose. We get stuck. Loved ones die. People overcome unthinkable circumstances. For me, “Human” is a collection of songs that explores vulnerable topics. Loving someone when they are broken. Striving to challenge yourself when you are stuck. The final stages of life and all that is unknown. It is truly a soundtrack of my life and the people in it. I always get nervous before releasing new music and my only hope is that anyone who listens can connect to these songs in some special way.” 

She also added the following about the first single, ‘Honey Whiskey:’ “Last April, my Father-in-Law passed away. It was sudden and quick and we were all devastated. Tommy’s passing was peaceful, with his loved ones by his side. He was a great man and he was strong and sweet like honey whiskey. I guess you could say this song is a true story. I don’t know what happens after we die. I only hope we all get to see each other again.”

Musicians On Call 

Musicians On Call is a program I truly believe in and I am honored to finally be able to participate. I truly believe that music is the universal language that heals us all. I've launched my volunteer fundraising page and I hope you will help me reach my goal. If you can't contribute please share. 

Fundraising Page ~ Click Here ~ http://bit.ly/2JrXGjX

Opening for Brandi Carlile - Benefit for The Looking Out Foundation 

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be opening for Brandi Carlile on March 8th at World Cafe Live to benefit The Looking Out Foundation. Brandi is one of my biggest influences. This is a HUGE milestone for me. Here are the links to learn more about the foundation. I am so honored to be a part of this event!

http://lookingoutfoundation.org/ - ‪#‎GetInvolved

Click Here To Purchase Tickets